How would you describe your wedding?

Modern and simple, exactly what we wanted.

Our colour theme for classic creamish white and black, with a tinge of pastel green. We decided that going for the simple classic look shouldnt go wrong, and 30 years old on, when we flip back the album, we won’t go “What was i thinking?!


Did you incorporate any unusual details or DIY projects in your wedding?

I shot part of my pre-wed in Japan when we went for a holiday in January. What I did was to google for photographers in Japan (found a nice German lady who freelances as a journalist), a salon that has English speaking staffs and allocated a day for the shoot.

Super huge savings for Japan pictures compared to flying a photographer over from Singapore. Pics turned out really decent too!

I got one of my designer friends to piece the Japan shots and pre-wed photos done with One Eye Click in Singapore into a photo album. Love the personal touch to it.” ~ Winnie


How did you meet?

“We are actually from the same secondary school. He was one of the most good looking guys / cool dude of the entire cohort back then. We never actually spoke to each other but only knew him as one of my girl guides’  (Nicole) boy friend.

So years passed, I still kept in contact with some of my school mates for clubbing and supper. Once, I had invites for four to a Heineken event in Zouk (sometime back in 2005) and asked one guy friend that I often meet to bring his friends along. So that was how we bumped into each other again and started to know each other.

We started dating and imagine how awkward I was when I had to break the news to Nicole as I still kept in contact with her but left out about the dating portion haa…” ~ Winnie


How did the groom propose?

“We went on a holiday in Bangkok in March 2010. The night before we flew back, he surprised me with the ring.

Not as fancy as other proposal stories but it definitely touched my heart.” ~ Winnie


Any advice for brides planning their weddings?

If you have the time and want to have better control of the process / quality, go ala-carte. Look for your own flower vendor, make-up artist, photographers, gowns, etc. Though it may not be the cheapest option, I would rather do so than be in the mercy of bridal packages and only get the people they allocate to me because they are ‘available on that day’.

Having a good make-up artist really helps to ease some anxiety for the actual day (at least for myself), as all brides are often worried on whether they will look their best on their AD. When I engaged Kenneth, I knew I will be in good hands because he knew exactly what I wanted. You have to be comfortable with whom you engage as your make-up artist and trust them.

You don’t need to overspend to have the best, grandest and most perfect wedding (its never enough!). To me, I feel it’s more meaningful to have a wedding that is within means, intimate and close to your heart.

Look for inspirations from Pinterest and other online wedding sites. They often have interesting ideas, themes and a nice collection of wedding decors, gowns, hairdo, cakes, etc.

There are a lot of things to prepare for a wedding and sometimes, there may be disagreements. Do not be too affected and get upset about it. Especially on the wedding day, let the matter pass, all you need to do is to look pretty, smile and enjoy the wedding.”

~ Winnie



From the groom…

In the silence of Hokkaido, there is romance

“Hokkaido, the northernmost – and least developed – of Japan’s four main islands is one of the country’s last wild places. I have found Hokkaido to be particularly intriguing – gently seductive, dangerously wild and hopeless romantic. This is where Fan Lee and I had our pre-wedding photography, and our endless romance reflected by Kurt’s inspiration that he has found there.

There is something mysterious but alluring in the winter Hokkaido landscape. It is visually manifested in the omnipresent interaction snow and earth, and the constantly changing weather and skies. Snow falls, rain drops, and it can be felt in the engaging intimacy of the scale in the unique terrain. There is reverence toward the land, symbolized by the ubiquitous Lake of Kussharo. Furano is often an integral part of the landscape – places to rest, medicate, and perhaps escape the complications and noise of our fast-paced lives. The spectacular night view of Hakodate is deemed to be one of the top three in the world, alongside Hong Kong and Naples.

Till then, Kurt is one of the few Asian photographers I knew (probably the only and one in Malaysia) who extending overseas photo shoot to a winter Hokkaido. And, he did twice! We were both quite nervous about being photographed under such an extreme climate just in between -20°C to -34°C, with only thin gown and suit. Teeth chattered, bodies shivered, we had tendencies to either pull rictus grins or look away whenever a camera was being pointed at us. We were struggled to open our eyes because of merciless iced wind.

Prior on that, we suffered in choosing and lugging the winter cloths and heavy gowns, while Fan Lee had to wake up in the wee hours for her own D.I.Y. make up and hairdo, where it was probably not professionally done. It was a great experience driving with Kurt from Kussharo to Hakodate with more than 900-km. We encountered a winter storm, packing with heavy snow and gusty winds at speeds of about 30 mph. Most relentless, we were asked to hop-off from the car, and we did few shots at this circumstance. It was -34°C!

Indeed, we invested to a photographer and locations that given us incredible returns. Kurt was brilliant at being very professional but unobtrusive. The result is a beautiful collection of photographs and seeing the photos makes us feel like we’re re-living the day all over again! We were both really impressed and grateful for how hard he worked especially under the extreme cold weather and the deliverables are above what we would have expected.”

~ Jin Han



This couple is so photogenic and the lighting and setting are out of control beautiful. The shoot is romantic and playful – just like the couple. Take a couple of moments to bask in the glow of a sunshine-filled engagement shoot that reminds us just how beautiful our country is. The amazing work of Steph Tan Photography delivers a truly refreshing respite, filled with love and a bride that is so bubbling with joy!


Aren’t they sweet? Share your love story story and have it captured by

Steph Tan Photography



{How would you describe your wedding?}

The wedding was exactly what we had envisioned and dreamt it to be – a fun and intimate celebration with the people we love most.

With regards to the aesthetic aspect of the wedding, we always asked ourselves this one question before deciding on our first dance song, his groomsmen attire, flower-girl bouquets, stationery design, etc: “20 years from now, would we hide our wedding photos in shame or high-five each other as we go through them knowing our taste had stood the test of time?

So we went with an elegant and timeless color palette of navy blue and grey with yellow accents. No shiny two-tone suits, gingham bow-ties or pink suspenders for Joseph and his groomsmen but the forever classic black suit, paired with a blue tie and yellow rose boutonniere. The bridesmaids were dressed in navy blue with handmade blue and yellow pom sashes to complement them. Our flowers were one of my favorite details of the wedding – perfect round bouquets of yellow roses, cream and yellow poms and green hydrangeas. ~ Joanne


{Did you incorporate any unusual details or DIY projects in your wedding?}

One of Joanne’s favorite parts of the wedding was the favor bags we put together. Some of our guests had traveled a long way to attend our wedding and we wanted to provide some small & creative comforts for their stay in Bali. In the bags, we included some of our favorite snacks, an informal guidebook to the island that Joseph had written, some essential oils and of course, mosquito repellant. These bags were placed in their villas prior to their check-in or handed to them as a welcome gift at hotel front desk.

Till today, Joanne gets a little too excited every time she spies a friend or family member using the bags for grocery shopping or a trip to the beach. ~ Joseph


{How did you meet?}

The easiest and most straight-forward way of sharing our How-We-Met story is to say that we met at 2AM Dessert Bar on Jan 10, 2009. The more convoluted version would involve rewinding to earlier in the day at brunch where Joanne would learn about Joseph for the first time from one of her best friends, Ruth. Ruth was tasked by Tina, her small-group leader from her church in Los Angeles, to meet an old college friend of Tina’s when Ruth was back in Singapore for the Christmas holidays. That would be Joseph, who had relocated to Singapore three months earlier for work.

Are you still with me? Good, hang on because we’re getting there.

So Ruth joked over toast and eggs that if Joseph turned out to be hot, she would text Joanne to come RIGHT AWAY. This is the part of the how-we-met story that Joseph hates – Joanne never got the text from Ruth. She still however, decided to join them and showed up just as Joseph decided it was way past his bedtime and was going to call for the check.

According to Joseph, what compelled him to stay was when Joanne showed up all cute and charming and the rest as they say, is history. ~ Joanne & Joseph


{Any advice for brides planning their wedding?}

The entire wedding planning process was an emotional roller-coaster for me and I have detailed this in a letter to brides-to-be on my blog {http://thisdayisforj.wordpress.com/2012/07/08/an-open-letter-from-an-ex-bride-to-a-bride-to-be/}.

One of the best bits of advice I could give but didn’t mention in that blog entry is this – take only one or two people with you when you go gown shopping.

Mothers, girlfriends, sisters, aunts whatever, pick only ONE or TWO at most. A whole village of women deciding on one dress would result in ZERO dress being picked, a lot of tears and possibly blood shed.

My fiance was also not my first pick to go with me. Men are men. White to them is white. They are unable to differentiate between ivory and cream, expensive french lace and a tea doily and would thus be useless in the gown selection process. Also, any white dress you put on is likely to warrant a stamp of approval from him.

I took instead, his younger sister who was fun, sweet, patient but also firm in telling me what worked and what didn’t. You need someone like that, not just for dress shopping but for anything else related to the wedding. Someone who can give you constructive, objective advice and not put you or your choices down just because these are not choices they would make. Someone who understands this is your moment and sincerely wants to share it with you by being an asset to the wedding planning process. ~ Joanne



Congratulations Joanne & Joseph!

Thank you for sharing your wedding with The Wedding Bureau!


For more of their wedding stories from the bride:

Wedding: 5 Moments on This day is for J

Where’s My Cow (Joanne & Joseph’s proposal story) on This day is for J


If you like what you see, here’s insider info on the team of hand-picked vendors behind it.


{wedding venue}

Pantai Lima, Bali



Nicole Miller from Lovely Boutique, New York



Roger Concept Tailer Co, Hong Kong


{bridesmaids dresses}



{hair & makeup}




Puri Amanda


{wedding planner}

Jonathan from Wedding Acts



Ixora Cakes Bali



Ruey Loon from 36Frames Photo



Joshua from 36Frames Photo





{ceremony string quartet}

Bali Primavera Music






Get ready, because we have such a romantic engagement shoot on our hands today, thanks to the amazing Bobby Kiran Photography.

This shoot captured snippets of this couple’s everyday love to remind her that wherever he may be, they will be in each others’ familiar embrace once they are back together again.

~ Bobby of Bobby Kiran Photography.

And indeed, Bobby Kiran captured their love beautifully… You know the special kind of engagement love with “we’re about to spend the rest of our lives together” that only gets better with time. So if you want to start your day smiling from ear-to-ear, just take one look at this sun-infused love-shoot. Because it’s practically perfect in every way, especially as a memento for the couple when they are apart.

This duo will have a lifetime of lovely ahead of them, and we get to see a snippet of it all unfolding here!



Aren’t they sweet? Share your love story story and have it captured by

Bobby Kiran Photography



Steph Tan Photography always takes the most gorgeous of images whether they are highlighting a stop-your-heart wedding celebration or a sweet-as-can-be engagement shoot just like today’s gem. We have a front row seat to lovely moments captured on film from the ocean side  to the bustling city at Hong Kong and all the perfect wardrobe changes in between.



{How would you describe your wedding?}

Fun, colorful with a touch of DIY


{Did you incorporate any unusual details or DIY projects in your wedding?}

We held our solemnization and banquet reception on two separate days (16th & 17th Dec 2011). As the both of us knew each other since our secondary school days, we felt that holding our solemnization in our secondary school will be very meaningful to us. We put in a lot of effort in the decor & setup of our ROM venue, as well as, the food, candies and even the invites which bring back lots of memories from our secondary school days.


{How did you meet?}

Read this couple’s love story from our pre-wedding feature of them here!


{How did the groom propose?}

Read this couple’s proposal story from our pre-wedding feature of them here!


{Any advice for brides planning their wedding?}

I would say… try to spend some time understanding what each other wants and needs, that includes both parties’ families, religion and beliefs. Plan a budget for the wedding and honeymoon, do remember to leave some spare cash for emergencies! Do lots of research and be open to all options. Also must be kiasu when you do bookings for your actual day cause you’ll never know if other brides-to-be are getting married on the same day as you are interested in the same venue, JP or vendors.

Another important point is once in awhile do take a break from the wedding planning, go on a “no wedding topic” date with your partner. One thing a bride-to-be must know is “you are not wonder-woman”, you cannot handle so many things all by yourself… Take trust in your close friend(s) to help you with some of the wedding stuff. You never know if they will come out with great ideas, better options, etc.

And last but not least, remember that as much as you want everyone to be happy, you are unable to please everyone. Go with your heart, do what you feel is right and enjoy the process, even though it can be stressful and vexing at some point of time :)

Actual day videography by Ideal Productions:




{Details, details!}

DIY: Handmade hand bouquet by the bride, Ginny





{Details, details!}

“As the both of us knew each other since our secondary school days, we felt that holding our solemnization in our secondary school will be very meaningful to us. We put in a lot of effort in the decor & setup of our ROM venue, as well as, the food, candies and even the invites which bring back lots of memories from our secondary school days.”



{Details, details!}

DIY: Backdrop for photo booth





{Details, details!}

DIY: Bride & Groom word standee by the bride, Ginny



{Details, details!}

DIY: Pretty goodie bags for lil kids and message board by the bride, Ginny



{Details, details!}

DIY: Thumb prints guest book by the bride, Ginny



{Details, details!}

DIY: Scrap work by the bride, Ginny





Congratulations Ginny & Shengjie!

Thank you for sharing your wedding with The Wedding Bureau!

And if you missed their pre-wedding shoot by Chris Ling, it was featured on TWB here!

If you like what you see, here’s insider info on the team of hand-picked vendors behind it.


{wedding venue}

ROM: Dunearn Secondary School

Dinner Banquet: Intercontinental Singapore


{gown & suit}

LeGrand Wedding


{hair & makeup}

Cecilia from LeGrand Wedding


{actual day photography}

ROM: Ian Photography

Dinner Banquet: 2 of Us Photography



Ideal Productions



{How would you describe your wedding?}

“We had a simple and meaningful wedding.

Our wedding was held on 5th Feb 2012 (5/2/12) because we hope our marriage will embrace the Abundance of Grace and Love found in the verse, “Jesus took the 5 loaves and 2 fish, looked up toward Heaven and blessed them… They all ate as much as they wanted, and afterward, the disciples picked up 12 baskets of leftovers!” from NLT Luke: 9:16-7.

Purple was our main colour at the wedding. We also used the Pinwheel symbol consistently as we wanted to portray a fly-in-the-wind, childlike-faith-and-fun feeling.” ~Rachel


{How did you meet?}

“It started from a wedding :) It was my cousin’s wedding. I was her bridesmaid. He was the groom’s swordsman. He saw me that night and well, the rest is history. Haha.

We all then went on a family/friends group road trip from SG to KL for car racing. (Yes blue Subaru! haha) Exciting and sweet memories!”


{How did the groom propose?}

“It was a very interesting three-parts proposal… ;)

Part One – We went to Batam to do sea sports. We did para-sailing, jet-skiing and kayaking. When my heart was still pounding from the excitement of jet-skiing, back in the hotel room, he totally surprised me by going down on one knee with a ring!

Part Two – He called me on the phone and sang me a song. And I’m not kidding when I say he has a soulful voice that can move the heart :)

Part Three – We went to Resort World Sentosa Universal Studios and had a one-night staycation. He had my favorite purple flowers ordered in to surprise me :)


{Any advice for brides planning their wedding?}

“Have fun with your husband-to-be, just like you should for the rest of your lives ;)

The wedding itself is only a day or two, the marriage is lifelong. The wedding is but a celebration for the lifelong adventures you will both start creating together!”


Actual day videography by TeamDavid:


{Details, details!}

“Handmade pinwheel brooches for the groom and groomsmen. All made with love by our dear bridesmaid, Julie!”



{Details, details!}

“We did casual and fun shots at an old-school playground for our pre-wedding shoot. We combined them with our playground photos from childhood (young groom on a swing; young bride on climb ropes) and framed them up for display on the reception table. This was also part of the Childlike-faith-and-fun theme.”



{Details, details!}

“We printed mini-cards for our guests and tied them with purple ribbons, like a bookmark. Each card has these words,

Thank you for brightening our day on 5/2/12. We are blessed to have you in our lives. Love, Alvin & Rachel

and also the verse on the other side. It was a door gift cum token of appreciation for all our guests who graced the occasion”



{Details, details!}

“Our ring pillow was a toy car – blue subaru – the groom’s previous car which brought us on our first trip together and when we first talked to each other.”



{Details, details!}

“We had handmade floral headpieces and pinwheels for the bridesmaids. All done with love by our dear bridesmaid, Julie!”



Congratulations Rachel & Alvin!

Thank you for sharing your wedding with The Wedding Bureau!


If you like what you see, here’s insider info on the team of hand-picked vendors behind it.


{wedding venue}

Raffles Town Club, Singapore

“This was exactly where our paths first crossed years ago, that fateful day at my cousin’s wedding!” ~Rachel


{gown & suit}

Z Wedding D’sign


{bridesmaids dresses}



{hair & makeup}

For the bride: Katherine Wong (M) 9745 5143

For the bride’s mum and groom’s mum: Vincent of Z Wedding D’sign

For the bridesmaids: Jean Wong


{wedding planner}

Groom’s younger sister, Jasmine and her husband, Justin – awesome pair!



Heart-shaped purple mini chiffon cake from Prima Deli


{actual day photography}

Bobby Yeo of Bobby Kiran Photography





{live band}

Live band for the praise-and-worship consisted of our wonderful church friends:

Guitarist – Marcus

Pianist – Xuexin

Singers – Eudora, Rachel Chan, Amanda


Entertainment for the dinner banquet:

Our dear bridesmaid, Minshan, sang “Lover’s Concerto” accompanied by pianist Xuexin

Groom also serenaded bride with the song “Only God could love you more” during the second march-in



ChinGuan & Christabelle – Our dear relative/friend






You know we are all about celebrating L.O.V.E. here on TWB – and when you combine a surprise shoot planned as a birthday present from Her to Him; a couple that just radiates happiness; and everything whimsical by Confetti* Peektures… we just can’t get enough.

There is something about Confetti* Peektures images that we always recognize. Loads of colours, cute details and sunshine. They catch our eye in a way no one else can. They make us smile. Scroll on for the pictures and inspiration behind this shoot.



Inspiration behind the shoot

“Gladys organized this photography session as a surprise for Edwin who only found out about it the night before the actual day of photo shoot. It was meant as a surprise to celebrate their relationship as well as for his birthday.

Gladys shared that their favorite place to visit was Marina Barrage just to enjoy the view, have a picnic, long heart-to-heart talks, and star gaze when the sky turned dark. We wanted to showcase their relationship through the things that they liked to visit as a couple and also hobbies and activities that they enjoyed together. Hence we decided that Marina Barrage would be the most meaningful place to have their photo shoot session.” ~ Confetti* Peektures


During the photo shoot

“Both Edwin and Gladys are very spontaneous and adventurous. The shots showcased an extremely natural side of them at their favorite hang-out place at Marina Barrage. With the brilliant view at Marina Barrage, we felt it was a waste if we do not do some adventurous jump shots. During our photo shoot, we also met a Taiwanese couple who was in Singapore for their bridal shoot. Gladys excitedly asked them for a photo together. Hence the double kissing image.” ~Confetti* Peektures



Aren’t they sweet? Share your love story and have it captured by

Confetti* Peektures




Every couple dreams of having the dream wedding, and with Singapore’s tropical climate and lush greenery, there’s no better setting for an outdoor wedding. But consider taking the wedding indoors in case of adverse weather and to escape the humidity. With an outdoor-themed wedding indoors, your bride’s makeup stays picture-perfect from morning till night, the groom remains comfortable in his suit and guests get to enjoy the wedding in cool comfort.



Love Stories Party & Wedding Planner presented its Love Indulgenz @Dempsey for happy couples on 1 July. Held at the Wassily Room in House at Dempsey Hill, it was the perfect setting for its rustic, country style theme. The cosy setup featured nine vendors in total, including its main organiser, Love Stories. It was a relaxing afternoon as couples browsed for the best services for their big day.

Bride-to-be Joyce Chai praised the event, saying: “It was a well-planned wedding show in a really cosy place like House. The organiser and vendors all had a part to play in making this event a success. More importantly, brides-to-be like myself got to answer all our queries. The event was an eye-opener and I was able to gain valuable wedding ideas and perks.”

Planning your wedding

Love Stories Party & Wedding Planner provides a full-fledged wedding planning service. Guests attending the Love Indulgenz @Dempsey event received a $200 voucher in their goodie bag which they could use to offset the Bespoke Wedding, Customised Decoration or Savoir-Faire packages, the latter being one of the most popular wedding planning options.



Wedding consultant Connie Mak’s affable personality puts couples at ease. “I spent a year networking with all my vendors so that I am able to share what they can offer best to my couples,” explains Connie, the brainchild of the thematic decorations, who works with her team of five other wedding consultants and coordinators. This is the second event that she has organised – The inaugural event was Love in Wonderland held last year.



Beautifying treats before the big day

To ensure the bride is at her glowing best on her big day, Gaea Spa Solutions offers affordable bridal packages such as aromatherapy scrubs, body massages and body wraps. The spa group offered free lavender Himalayan bath salts to couples and complimentary head and shoulder massages at the event. In addition, couples who signed up for its packages on that day received a 10% discount. Its Allure and Glamour Bridal Packages are the most popular. Gaea Spa Solutions’ partners Rosdiana Kwek and Kamisah Mahmood pointed out that their in-house line of products is made in Bali. Notably, its strawberry body scrub uses rice bran as an exfoliant and unique non-rinse cocoa butter formula will leave a bride’s skin baby-soft.



Making magic happen

They say that every woman looks the most ravishing on her wedding day, and to make that magic happen is Le Vain, a hair and makeup beauty consultancy that provides a one-stop service. Co-director and lead hairstylist Kelvin Lim has more than 10 years’ hairstyling experience and provides hairstyling services leading up to the big day such as haircuts, colouring, rebonding, perming and hair treatments.



Le Vain‘s other director, Kelvin Lim, explains that their differentiating factor is providing a free trial makeup session to create the most suitable look for the bride – Not many wedding makeup artists provide such a service. Brides’ complexions are improved noticeably with Le Vain’s special treatment ampoules from Germany to make sure makeup lasts, plus they get to choose from more than 200 designs of false eyelashes, a highlight being the Stella range specially imported from Taiwan.



For brides who wished to choose their traditional Chinese and European gowns, as well as wedding decorations, Little White Wedding Shop was at hand with a mini showcase of their products. Gowns are sourced from Korea and Hong Kong and feature intricate Swarovski crystals dotted around the bodice, amongst many others delicate, feminine designs. For outdoor-themed weddings and ROMs, the shorter gowns are popular, and couples adore the selection of birdcage décorative items which also double up as angpow-collection boxes. “This event has provided us with great exposure,” says owner Eyvon Ng. One happy couple signed up for her betrothal gifts package at the event.




Capturing special moments

Wedding photographer Thinking Man’s Studio showcased their bridal and wedding day wedding photography services at the event. Creative director and photographer at Thinking Man’s Studio, TM Ollie, has more than 20 years’ photography experience and is passionate about his craft. While he shoots in digital format like many other wedding photographers, he also offers a special service unlike any other – Black and white film photography.

“It’s classic and lasts,” explains TM Ollie. “Our style is quiet, muted and subtle. I take time to understand the couple and bring out their personality and my specialty is portrait photography, so the focus remains on the couple and not the landscape.”

As a contrast to his romantic, film noir images, his photography partner, master photographer Aloysius Chua specialises in High-Dynamic Range (HDR) photography which features extremely sharp images in dramatic, saturated contrast.

His HDR imaging won him three Merit Awards at last year’s International photography Competition held by The Master Photographer Association – MPA (UK) 2011. Aloysius was awarded the title of Licentiate Master Photographer after submitting another 20 HDR images. He believes that a good photo should be “like a painting; an art piece – stunning and beautiful”.  Thinking Man’s Studio provided discounted rates for its photography packages to couples attending the event.



Photoinc provides a touch of fun for couples wanting to capture moments in instant snaps for the ROM and actual wedding. Photographer Lim Kok Wee offered $100 off its photography packages at the event, with an additional photo distributor and printer for the Actual Day Wedding package. “Our lively, colourful style is a hit with many couples,” says Kok Wee.


Sweet treats at House

House at Dempsey is an excellent choice for couples who dream of an outdoor wedding in a comfortable setting. With lush greenery outdoors and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, the Greenhouse is a popular choice for couples’ ROM ceremonies. It accommodates up to 25 guests with a long-table setting and for additional space, the Wassily Room is another option that can be transformed into a theatre, lunch, dinner or wedding setup fitting up to 100 guests.

House’s buffet packages are a favourite with wedding couples and range from $55++ to $65++ per guest. Guests at the event were treated to canapés prepared by House chefs, such as mini lemon meringue tarts and red velvet cupcakes.



Saccharine indulgence

The “Indulge in Sweets” table displayed sugary treats, all in tantalising happy colours in apothecary jars to symbolise the joy of the big day. From coloured popcorn to fluffy meringues, couples enjoyed the sweet treats thoroughly.



The event was a delight for guests with a sweet tooth, with ChocolateART providing samples of its chocolaty treats. Current favourites with the wedding crowd are its cake pops, cookies and cakes – All of which can be customised to suit any theme. “75% of our customers request for the chocolate cake,” reveals business manager, Doris Toh. And no wonder – Its silky, delectable chocolate creations are made from high-quality chocolates from Switzerland and Belgium.



Jetsetting on your honeymoon

After your wedding, it’s time to leave for your honeymoon, but not without planning for it first. J Onsen is a travel consultancy that provides customisable travel packages to Japan. Its self-drive packages are popular with couples who enjoy travelling free and easy, without the added pressure of having to stop at touristy locations. Your airfare, accommodation, meals and car rental are taken care of with its travel packages – Plus you get a Singaporean guide who’s well-versed with Japanese culture and cuisine.



Organized by:


{Wedding Planner}

Love Stories Weddings


{Official Venue}

House @Dempsey


{Event Photography & Videography}

Thinking Man’s Studio


{Makeup & Hair-styling}

Le Vain





{Bridal Gowns & Essentials}

Little White Wedding Shop

by Golden Happiness


{Spa & Body Wellness}

Gaea Spa Solutions


{Travel Planner}

J Onsen





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